Choose from our stock of Insulation products including:

  • Isover
  • Xtratherm Insulation Thin-R
  • Xtratherm Insulation XtroLiner
  • Xtratherm Insulation Safe-R
  • Kingspan Insulation
  • Kooltherm, Rockwool
  • And much more

Learn how to select the right kind of insulation to match your needs and budget. Insulating your home properly can make a big difference on your utility bills and the comfort of your home. Bolger Brothers Homevalue reveals tricks of the trade to help you find the right insulation, tools and materials that will make your next insulation project a very successful one. The R-value refers to the ability of insulation to block heat, not its thickness. The higher the R-value, the better its insulating power. At Bolger Brothers Homevalue we can recommend the right insulation for your particular challenge.